Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gingerbread House

Happy Friday Everyone. 

Well it's that time of year again where I became a hermit for 2 days and created my master piece the annual Gingerbread house. 

As you guys probably remember from last year this design caused me great havoc with pieces cracking, a roof with a massive bow in it and quite literally a few mental breakdowns. However, this year I refused to let it beat me and I managed to only escape with a sliced index finger (which is proving rather difficult to type this post). 
This year I made it my mantra to remain patient while putting the house together. This was my down fall from last year and I believe impatience contributed to the many cracks I had to 'cement' back together. I also did something else a little different with the roof. Which I can thank my brother for giving me this idea. Given the size of the roof pieces, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend some support beams (as shown above). I've used 4 wooden kebab skewers taped together here but some small wooden dowel would be great too. Not only does this help support the roof but it stops it from breaking.
Because I didn't feel the need to repeat myself, I haven't provided the recipe for the gingerbread. But here is the link to last years house. All the ingredients, instructions and template can be found at: 

I hope you guys get some inspirations for your own gingerbread houses from this post and make it a fun and yearly tradition for your Christmas. However, with this house needing 4 and half batches of gingerbread be prepared to be eating it for the next week. 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight! 

The tree has been made with 5 different sized 6 pointed stars. I did two of each size to get a bigger tree. Simple glue and stack on top of each other from biggest to smallest. 

The path is done with scorched peanuts, rainbow coloured choc chips and the liquorice layer from some liquorice all sorts 

I love my little wreath!! This year however a gummy bear sacrificed it's life to make the holly leaves

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